About Cluster

A new integrated technical education cluster that provides advanced education services, 195471_0training and advanced technological guidance with the highest level of quality that fulfills the needs of the labor market.


Preparing highly qualified technicians that are capable of:

  • Matching with the levels of National Skills Standards for Professionals (NSSP).
  • Directly fulfilling the needs of the labor market of the intended industry.
  • Being flexible to upgrade their skills to catch up with the fast development in the industry.
  • Being able to be continuously educated and trained.
  • Being flexible to switch to different fields after getting the appropriate training.


Benefit from the integrated infrastructure, equipment and trainers in providing a high level New Bitmap Imageof technical and technological education to:

  • Meeting the demand for of the inevitability societal advancement of technical and technological education.
  • Integrating the visions of the different stakeholders concerned with education, training, industry and services.
  • Providing a typical dynamic center for technical education that meets the needs of the labor market.
  • Improving the perceptions of society towards technical education.
  • Optimizing the use of the integrated human and financial resources through a unified management of the cluster.
  • Cluster Features
    • A pioneer model for technical education serving different industrial engineeringami sectors.
    • Curricula developed with international organizations that can be taken as a reference for the development of all technical education curricula at different levels of education.
    • High quality labs and workshops to enrich the education and training process.
    • Faculty staff qualified according to international standards.
    • A successful model for the integration between the technical education and the industry requirements, especially in the Vocational Training Center.

Centre Continuous Monitoring111

PEARSON monitors and supports Al-Ameeriah ITEC in the effective operation of assessment and quality assurance. For this purpose, PEARSON adopts a range of methods, including: the ITEC has  appointed well trained Lead Internal Verifier for each programme, ensuring that the lead internal verifiers have completed standardization processes related to assessment and verification decisions, conducting assessment sampling and verification and overreaching review and assessment of the ITEC strategy for assessing and quality assuring its programs