Academic Programs

  • In May 2009, a contract was signed with PEARSON- one of the largest educational awarding bodies in the UK.


Students admitted to the first year of the technical school at Al-Ameeriah ITEC should be holders of the “Certificate of Preparatory Education” or equivalent, usually obtained at the age of 15 years. Admitted students are selected based on their academic performance at the preparatory stage of basic education in addition to their skills in the English Language. A threshold on student competency in English based on an examination is usually required before final student admission is granted.

The cluster awards the following degrees:

  • The PEARSON BTEC INTERNATIONAL Level 2 Diploma in Engineerings2s1
  • The PEARSON BTEC Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering
  • The PEARSON BTEC Level 3 in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • The PEARSON BTEC Level 5 (HND) in Mechanical Engineering
  • The PEARSON BTEC Level 5 (HND) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • The Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) granted after the 7th year

In order to enable granting parallel UK degrees, all technical units are delivered in English. Thus, it is essential verify that the new enrollment to the ITEC has a minimum knowledge of English Language skills.