Components of the ITEC



  1. Technical Secondary School (TSS):

The TSS prepares for a second level technician. The total number of study is three years. The school offers a Diploma in Technology.

  1. Technical College (TC):

The TC prepares for a third level technician. The total number of study is two years. This college offers a High Diploma in Technology.

III. Advanced Technical College (ATC):

The ATC offers a Bachelor of Technology. The total number of study is two years.

  1. Vocational Training Center (VTC):

The objective of this center is to present on-demand training courses upon the request of local business owners

Cluster Features

  • A pioneer model for technical education serving different industrial engineering sectors.
  • Curricula developed with international organizations that can be taken as a reference for the development of all technical education curricula at different levels of education.
  • High quality labs and workshops to enrich the education and training process.
  • Faculty staff qualified according to international standards.
  • A successful model for the integration between the technical education and the industry requirements, especially in the Vocational Training Center.